Talking Turkey with Fred Berktin

Turkey is on my top-three-list for favourite foodie countries. Dishes are flavourful, usually local (they grow and produce most of their own food), and with a civilization that spans 8000 years, I would say they’ve had some time to perfect a few recipes. You can’t walk five steps without some vendor waiting to sell you their special delicacy, but I was drawn to the little red … Continue reading Talking Turkey with Fred Berktin

“You and me and five bucks”

This is one of my favourite scenes in the 90s classic, Reality Bites. Troy (played by Eathan Hawke) and Lelaina (played by Winona Ryder) are walking aimlessly through the street, smoking cigarettes (it was the 90s) and talking about life—giant takeout cups of coffee in hand. No other culture in the world seems to enjoy large volumes of coffee on the go like we do … Continue reading “You and me and five bucks”

Banh Mi: a legacy of great bread

The history of the world is one of cultures, countries and people intermingling. There is no doubt that many have put themselves in a few places where they weren’t wanted, but this also let to some interesting new creations, and the one delicious legacy that the French left behind was how to make good bread. An example of this legacy is Vietnam; soft, airy, fresh … Continue reading Banh Mi: a legacy of great bread

Not all oysters make pearls

The pungent smell of raw fish filled my nostrils and the shrill sound of seagulls filled the air. Not to be missed, the Essaouira port on the Atlantic coast of Morocco was an onslot to the senses once the fishing boats returned with the morning’s catch. You can find any variety of salt water creatures for sale and for sampling: swordfish, sardines, crabs, prawns…and of course, oysters. Irish … Continue reading Not all oysters make pearls

Eat like a local

I’ve always said that food that looks good, tastes good. And these traditional Nicaraguan fried meat treats topped with pickled cabbage and delightfully served on a banana leaf were no exception. We visited Nicaragua in 2011, and fell in love with Granada for it’s beautiful colonial architecture, convenient location for day tripping, and relaxed attitude. It was a city where we were more than just … Continue reading Eat like a local

Street Meat

It’s impossible to talk about street food, without acknowledging our most beloved street meat—the hot dog. From Toronto to Taiwan, variations of this encased minced “meat” can be found on street corner grills around the world. With an impressively long history, according to the American National Hot Dog and Sausage Council  (NHDSC), “Sausage is one of the oldest forms of processed food, having been mentioned in … Continue reading Street Meat