Talking Turkey with Fred Berktin

Turkey is on my top-three-list for favourite foodie countries. Dishes are flavourful, usually local (they grow and produce most of their own food), and with a civilization that spans 8000 years, I would say they’ve had some time to perfect a few recipes.

You can’t walk five steps without some vendor waiting to sell you their special delicacy, but I was drawn to the little red and white carts that peppered the streets of Istanbul. Their cases were filled with stacks of fresh Turkish bagels called simit. 

When my friend Fred Berktin posted a photo of the sesame seed coated bread on his Facebook page during his recent trip to Turkey, I knew we had a shared love for Turkish food, and I was interested to hear his perspective as a Turkish-Canadian on a food culture I loved so much.

When he returned from his trip, I had the chance to catch up with him. In the video below he shares his passion for Turkish food, dismay at the lack of a Toronto street food scene, and thoughts on Uber Eats!


Like to try this Turkish delight in Toronto? 

A Fred fave: Marche Istanbul at 3220 Dufferin st

Something new: Simit and Chai at 787 King St West


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