Banh Mi: a legacy of great bread

The history of the world is one of cultures, countries and people intermingling. There is no doubt that many have put themselves in a few places where they weren’t wanted, but this also let to some interesting new creations, and the one delicious legacy that the French left behind was how to make good bread.

An example of this legacy is Vietnam; soft, airy, fresh baguettes are everywhere from big city street corners to dusty small town bus stations. In Vietnam, sandwich carts line the streets with industrious women offering fresh baguettes stuffed with mystery meat and pickled veggies. This sandwich, known as Bahn Mi, is perfectly balanced with soft and crunchy, sweet and sour, fats and spices.

Banh Mi literally means wheat bread, but in North America it’s often used to refer to the Vietnamese sandwich itself and its delicious fillings. A few years ago the world seemed to experience a Banh Mi explosion, and now there are no shortage of options for all tastes and budgets in Toronto–see Blog TO Best of…  But, the best experience remains in the streets of Vietnam, watching the sights, sounds and smells of modern Vietnamese life going by.


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