Eat like a local

I’ve always said that food that looks good, tastes good. And these traditional Nicaraguan fried meat treats topped with pickled cabbage and delightfully served on a banana leaf were no exception.

We visited Nicaragua in 2011, and fell in love with Granada for it’s beautiful colonial architecture, convenient location for day tripping, and relaxed attitude. It was a city where we were more than just mildly curious about real estate options; it was a place we wanted to unpack our suitcase for awhile.

In the heart of the city, the Parque Central is a main attraction lined with cafes and filled with historical monuments, souvenir vendors and food carts. And, each day, local women set up their food stands and serve delicious snacks to both locals and tourists.

Vigoron is the regional dish of Granada–a stack of boiled yuca, pork rinds, coleslaw and pickled onions. Lonely Planet advises there are many great options for “eating like a local” In Nicaragua, but Parque Central is still the best place to try the vigoron.

Image: Lucinda Brooks Photography


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