Action Against Hunger

The room was full, the dj was mixing the right songs, and the smell from the combined offerings of Toronto’s top chefs was making my mouth water. Long-known for its culinary arts program, George Brown College was a fitting venue for Action Against Hunger’s Food for Action—an annual fall event to raise money and awareness to fight global malnutrition with Toronto’s food community.

Living in a city like Toronto, it’s hard to imagine that almost 800M people in the world go hungry everyday; although many people experience food insecurity in Canada—especially in our northern communities. 

According to Second Harvest hunger facts, Canadians waste about $31 billion of food every year and about half of that is wasted in the home. In developed countries world-wide, “about 222 million tonnes of food are wasted per year at the consumer level—that’s almost as much as the total net food production in sub-Saharan Africa (230 million tonnes per year).”

For over three decades, Action Against Hunger has been working with communities around the word to understand the underlying causes of hunger and provide solutions. Theirs is a visions of a world without hunger. Can we take action to change?

Photo credit: Header image from Action Against Hunger’s 2016 Food for Action event

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