Talking Turkey with Fred Berktin

Turkey is on my top-three-list for favourite foodie countries. Dishes are flavourful, usually local (they grow and produce most of their own food), and with a civilization that spans 8000 years, I would say they’ve had some time to perfect a few recipes. You can’t walk five steps without some vendor waiting to sell you their special delicacy, but I was drawn to the little red … Continue reading Talking Turkey with Fred Berktin

“You and me and five bucks”

This is one of my favourite scenes in the 90s classic, Reality Bites. Troy (played by Eathan Hawke) and Lelaina (played by Winona Ryder) are walking aimlessly through the street, smoking cigarettes (it was the 90s) and talking about life—giant takeout cups of coffee in hand. No other culture in the world seems to enjoy large volumes of coffee on the go like we do … Continue reading “You and me and five bucks”

Canadian Traditions: Toronto Christmas Market

Despite the recent ugly sweater trend, the stress of finding just the right gift, and the crowds of holiday shoppers, Christmas really is my favourite holiday. I love getting together with friends and family, enjoying the warm glow of twinkling lights and of course, tasting all of the delicious foods that come out at this time of year. To kick-off the holiday season, we decided … Continue reading Canadian Traditions: Toronto Christmas Market

The Hunger: An evening with Anthony Bourdain

I’ve had a crush on Anthony Bourdain since reading Kitchen Confidential in the early 2000s. I ate at his restaurant Les Halles in New York City and follow his footsteps in No Reservations every time I’ve travelled. In an age of celebrity chefs, his bad boy attitude is provocative. But, most of all I love his attitude towards food. He eats with locals, recognizes the … Continue reading The Hunger: An evening with Anthony Bourdain

Action Against Hunger

The room was full, the dj was mixing the right songs, and the smell from the combined offerings of Toronto’s top chefs was making my mouth water. Long-known for its culinary arts program, George Brown College was a fitting venue for Action Against Hunger’s Food for Action—an annual fall event to raise money and awareness to fight global malnutrition with Toronto’s food community. Living in … Continue reading Action Against Hunger